I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible Jokes

What "Light" did Noah have on the Ark? 1) The "Light" of the World in his heart!
What is the first thing Noah said when he got off of the Ark? God, I need a "Drink" of "Water" now!
What "Season" did Eve eat the forbidden fruit? 1) Duh, Summer! Summer is just before the "Fall!"
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Firstborn? Cain! He was first born 'cause Adam and Eve were created, not born!
I will slay thy son? Great! If you sleigh my son he will be Santa, with Santa! 2) He can go for a sleigh ride!
A male of the first year? Adam was the first male of the First year! Not sure about Cain OR Abel!
Moses hid his face? Moses played Peek a Boo! 2) Where did Moses hide his face?
The people of the land now are many? Just as many people at the landing as at take-off!
Throughout all the land? Great! Now all you have is water! Sea, ocean, pond, lake, etc!
Demanded? Bring a man back to life! Raise a man from the dead! De-man-dead!
Heretofore? Here to fore, not to golf well!
Thus saith the Lord, about midnight? What did the Lord say about midnight?
Spokesman? Put spokes on a man NOT on a bike!
Multiplied? Lied about leaving a maul as a tip!
Set apart? When you sit down don't sit together! Set apart!
Opress? Press letter O, o!
Opression? Shun pressing the letter O, o!
Shoes on your feet? Put shoes on your rulers, yardsticks! 2) Shoes on top of your rulers, yardsticks!
Kneading troughs? They were needing troughs to water the cattle, animals!
Darkened? End the dark, turn on a light!
Abib? A bib used by babies!
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Why cereal not get soggy in milk? The Lord is the Strength of my Life!
Were Veggie Tales in Bible First? No! Its not a Tale that Daniel, etc ate pulse, veggies, etc and not meat!
The best of the land? The best pilots that can land a plane!
Ye shall sow the land? Why sow, plant mud, dirt, etc? To make the land Grow!
What holds a yardstick together? A lawgiver! A lawgiver shall not depart from between his feet!
Why eating candles off cake instead of cake? To be of Full age!
He fled and got him out? He fled to steal a base and got out!
Every mans bundle of money? Bundling in Bible!
Paul was invisible man? Though I be absent in flesh!
Shut him up? Close, shut-up a hymn book!
Pronounce him clean? Pronounce a hymn, song is clean!
From his head even to his foot? He bends over and touches his toes!
Whomsoever? No! Who, whom can sew forever? No one!
Candy in the Bible? Yes her, she! (Hershey!)
And he shall sprinkle? Biblical to pee on toilet seat!
Why do we have night? Its the Break of Day!
Angel food cake in the Bible? Angel made Elisha a cake to eat!
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