I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible Names

Israel? Is a rail!
Abraham? Abe thinks a Ra, god is a ham, funny!
Hittites? Hit with a tight, closed fist!
Pallu? Pal named Lou!
Carmi? My Car!
Simeon? Sigh me when I'm On stage, etc! 
Amorites? I know we have the right to bear arms, but we also have right to have ammo!
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Thessalonians? the Salon-ians! Those who use salon!
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Adullamite? A mite is dull OR a doll! 2) A doll and a mite!

Baladan? An, a ballad! 2) Ballad about Ann, Anne! 3) Anne, Ann sings a ballad!
Rimmon? anything with a rim on it! 2) On a rim! was it Border-Line?
Pharpar? A long, far hole to get par on in golf!
Jezreelitess? Geesh! Really Tess?
Jabeshgilead? Jay be telling lead G.I. to shh, be quiet!

Rehoboam? Am a hobo again! 2) A hobo again in the morning, A.M.!
Shemer? Female myrrh! maybe myrrh maid OR mermaid! 2) Not a Mermaid Man!
Bethhoron? Beth named her hoe Ron! 2) Ron named his hoe Beth!
Genubath? Give a gnu a bath!
Shilonite? A night in Shiloh! 2) A knight in OR from Shiloh!
Mishael? Hail is female! 2) You miss hail!
Elzaphan? L is a fan. are any other letters a fan?
Jaalam? Name is Jay Al in the A.M., but what is it in the P.M.?
Zepho? Foe of letter z! 2) Foe of zzz, sleep!
Manahath? Hath manna!
Shepho? She is a foe!
Ezer? One who eases! an ease'r!
Husham? Hugh is a ham! 2) Tell the A.M. OR birds, things in it to hush! maybe you want to sleep in!
Matred? Matt is red, embarased! 2) A red mat! 3) Ma treads!
Pharez? Far easy! 2) Going far is easy! 3) Zzz, sleep at a fair!
Potiphar? A potty far away! 2) Go potty far away!
Potipherah? Rah, cheer for a fee charged to go potty!
Pharez? Its easy to go far!
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Bashan-Havoth-Jair? Wouldn't it be easier just to say our gob? It is the same as Argob!
Bakbuk? Back of a dollar bill, buck! 2) Get your money back! Back buck! 3) A dollar off!
Hattil? Use a hat as a "Till!" Collect things in it to draw out of a hat!
Telmelah? Tell me law!
Hashum? Has a song in his her heart! and hum it!
Senuah? Ah, see a gnu!
Ahitub? Has to be a high tub to be a tub you walk in OR into! Walk In tub!
Azareel? An eel is a czar!
Bunni? A rabbit! Bunny! 2) Nigh bread OR hairstyle? Bun!
Shammua? Ah, Shamu! Wasn't the whale in Jonah since it didn't "Kill" him!
Amok? Mock the cool guy that always said A,A,A,A OR Ayyyyy! (The Fonze!)
Amariah? Carry a Mariah! Now you have Mariah Carey! 2) A person named Mariah!
Merab? You ate a lot of myrrh to have a myrrh ab!

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