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Bible Names P3

Eliphelet? Eli OR Ellie lets a fee be charged, paid! 2) Let Eli OR Ellie be charged OR Pay a fee!
Elidad? He lie(d) dad! 2) Ellie OR Eli is a dad! 3) Benjamin! that's Eli's dad!
Jogli? Lee jogs! 2) Jog Lee's memory! 3) Lie that you jogged OR while you jog!
Kemuel? A mule is key! 2) A mule shaped key!
Shiphtan? Anne OR Ann shifts! 2) Shifting OR shiftin'! 3) Shift Ann, Anne is working!
Riblah? A rib in God's Word, Law! Taken from Adam and used to make Eve!
Adoniram? Give a ram glasses! Add on eye!
Hosah? Ah! Glad to have hoes! make planting, weeding, etc easier..."Till" next time!
Tou? To you! OR Two you! 1) Twins! Two you! 2) Split personality!
Tou? You too! 2) To OR two ewe! 3) Twin ewes!
Dodai? Day something is due! 2) Today is the day to Do something!
Gezer? An old man called geezer!
Mahli? Ma lies! 2) Ma lies down!
Ammiel? A mile in the A.M.! 2) Meal in the A.M.! usually called breakfast OR brunch!
Peulthai? Thai meal that you peel! Apple, bananas, etc! maybe even peel and eat shrimp!
Rephael? Fail again! re-fail!
Hosah? A hoe that cut like a saw! 2) A saw shaped like a hoe! 3) Saul's hoe! 4) Land Ho! when you saw land!

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Gurbaal? Baal spake gur? No! gods can't talk! 2) Baal said grr! Got angry OR was an angry god!
Mehunims? I'm me and my hun! Split personality or married!
Onesiphorus? One person sighs for us! 2) 4 of us sigh one time! 3) We cipher the number one!
Nashon? Sean Or Shawn neighs OR says nay!
Elishama? Ellie's Hamma' OR hammer! 2) Elisha's ma!
Raguel? An ell of spaghetti sauce! (Ragu!)
Hazeroth? Wroth about a haze! 2) Wroth while in a Haze! 3) Woody made you wroth! (Woody Hayes!)
Zurishaddai? Zoo has rye on a shady day!
Izeharites? Eyes, see's Hairy tees OR Harry's tee's! 2) Eyes, reads hay's rites, rights!
Jeshurun? Just you run! No one else! Do others stay, walk, jog, etc?

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Gozan? Gogh's Ann, Anne!
Gog? Gogh says gee! 2) Say gee to Gogh! especially after he cut his ear off!
Paran? Pa Ran! Did he win? 2) Ann, Anne gets par!
Nahum? Sing? Nay, hum instead!
Bethezel? Easel named Beth! 2) Beth's easel!
Edom? Letter E is dumb! That is why it is silent, and doesn't speak up!
Sepharad? See a fair Ad! 2) Equal Opportunity OR Fair ad you see! 3) See an ad about a fair!
Herdmen? Men who were heard! Someone paid attention to them!
Benhadad? Ben had and ad! 2) Ben had math class and got to add! 3) Ben ha, laughs at dad! 4) Ben ha'd, laughed at ad!
Hazael? Has a letter l, L!
Tadmor? A tad more! NO! You can't be "A Tad" and "More!"
Bestow upon Baalim? Give your best ow to, upon Baalim!
Joash? Cup of Joe, coffee was burnt!
Abelmaim? Eve! I'm Abel's ma!
Benhail? Hail Ben! 2) Been hail! What now, rain, etc?
Tobadonijah? Too bad something is on your eye and jaw!
Nodab? No dab, use exact measurements instead!
Helah? Say ah about Hell, OR while in Hell! 2) NO! You won't say Ah in Hell, it will be torment not pleasure!
Ahuzam? Ahu zzz, sleeps in the A.M.!
Naarah? Horse's neigh is Cheerful! Rah!
Mehir? A girl says me her!
Hathath? Hath a hat!
Meonothaia? Me say Oh No about Thai!
Mered? Me read! What did me read? Not English if me talk this way!
Jokim? I'm a joke!
Mibsam? Sam is on of the M.I.B? If he wears black then he is a man in Black!
Bilah? You can laugh at a Bill, but you still have to pay it!
Bilah? Most people don't laugh at a bill they have to pay!
Meshobab? Me show a baby!
Joshah? Say ah when someone joshes you, someone OR something!
Azaz? How a child, baby says pizzazz!

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