I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible Names P4

Baalmeon? A bale me, I is on! 2) Put a bale on me!
Shibmah? I ma shh, make a bee quiet!
Shophan? Show a fan! 2) A show about a fan! 3) A fan in a show!
Jaazer? One who likes, plays, listens to Jazz! A Jazz'r!
Jogbehah? Say hah about a bee that jogs! 2) Say hah when see a bee that jogs!
Amminadab? Say amen about a dab!
Nethaneel? Han got an eel in a net!
Azubah? A sheep, lamb, etc baa's at a zoo!
Bezaleel? Give Al's eel bees! 2) Bees eel named Al!
Adam? A dam holds back water! 2) A.M. in A.D.!
Serug? What is on the bottom of the ocean, sea! Sea Rug! 2) Ocean floor!
Serug? See a wig, rug! 2) A sir is ugh!
Henoch? He knocks! didn't ring doorbell! 2) If he knocks, does she ring doorbell or just let him knock for them?
Naphish? Na, No! Go Fish! guessed wrong card in a game!
Jerahmeel? Say gee about a raw meal! I don't like sushi neither!
Dishon? Shon, Shawn OR Sean dies!
Husham? Hugh's ham! 2) Hugh is a ham!
Girgashite? Grr, angry gas (Prices) at its height!
Arphaxad? Our Fax Ad! 2) Our ad with OR about facts OR fax! 3) We added, got a fax machine! 4) Our facts added!
Joktan? A tan jock! 2) Jock with a tan! 3) Joke about being tan! 4) Its a joke to be tan!
Lotan? Have a low tan 1) Not very dark! 2) Tan only on lower part of body!
Hebe? A male bee! He bee!
Ahio? How first spelled Ohio! Ahio!
Mephibosheth? Me fib about oh, Seth!
Ahithophel? A hit when hoe fell! Did hoe hurt who, what it hit?
Ammizabad? Eyes are bad in the A.M.! 2) Am I Zabad?
Helez? Hell is easy to get to! Just deny Jesus who loves you and died for you!
Helez? Heel is easy to find! 1) Its at both ends of a loaf of bread! 2) On bottom of either foot!

Helez? Its easy to heal! 1) Not a bad wound! 2) Not too sick!
Heldai? Hell'd a eye! because it offended you and you didn't pluck it out!
Azmaveth? The Veth have asthma!
Shitrai? I am shy a tray!
Jarha? A jar full of laughs! Ha!
Obed? A bed you owe to slep in, on, etc! 2) Oh, bed! 3) Say oh about a bed OR while in bed!
Sisamai? Daughter of Mother May I! Sisa May I!
Madmannah? Mad had to eat mannah! 2) Nah. No he's not a mad man!
Netophathites? Knee top hat height! 2) Height of top hat is your knees! 3) Height of phat O-shaped net!
Jabez? Jab someone, something easy! 2) Easy to jab someone, something!
Kenites? The first 6 days and nights were key for Creation! 2) Key knights! 3) Give knights keys!
Eglah? Law of eggs! How make, sell, store, produce, etc eggs!
Bathshua? Shoo a bath, take a shower!
Nogah? 2) Ah! Egg nog!

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Daniel? Dan yells! 2) Yell Dan!
Joiarib? Eve had joy God used Adam's rib to make her! 2) Joy seeing, making OR eating a rib!

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Azal? As detergent! (All!) 2) As Al!
Uzziah? I use ah! OR ahh!
Cushi? Coo she OR coo her!
Gedaliah? Lie about a G.E.D.! maybe you really didn't get one!
Hizkiah? His vehicle! his Kia!
Amon? on in the A.M.!

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