I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible Names P5

Cozbi is a lady killed in Bible, making her, it the first Cozbi show!
Reuben 'Cause Israel was Hungry!
Hezron? He's Ron! crazy name!
Carmi? My car!
Eliab? Ellie OR Eli is busy as a bee!
Dathan? Sleeps in day rather than night!
Were Dathan and Abiram put on a billboard, OR just a sign? They became a sign!
Nemuel? Knee's, kicks like a mule inside mom!
Gad? Letter of approval! Letter G was added to Alphabet!
Zerah? ZZZ, sleep for an era!
Shaul? S haul way get around b4 u-haul!
Shelah? She "Rules!" She-Law!
Tola? Split decision! Two Laws!
Hamul? Mull on hay! 2) Hey, a mall!
Judah? Ah, Judy! 2) Judy says ah! at doctor?
Haggi? A hags eye! 2) A guy hag! 3) GI a hag wears!
Shuni? Shoo from being nigh! 2) Who, what I shun! 3) Avoid letter i, I!
Ozni? Nigh land of Oz! 2) Almost a wizard! 3) Knee weighs an ounce! Oz.
Eri? Scary! Eerie! 2) Ear'y! "Sounds" good!
Atad? Just a tad is in the Bible! Talk about it and have a tad'll tale! not a tattle tale!
Manasseh? Say manna! always hungry? think about it is food for thought!
Sered? See him, her blushing! (Red!) 2) Driving and see stop sign OR red light! See Red! 3) The Red Sea!
Shemida? She "Makes" my day!
Zelophehad? He had eloped in his sleep, zzz!
Bela? Bee has laws like humans do!
Ashbel? Burn a bell to ashes! 2) Ashes of a bell that was burnt! 3) Bell made of ashes OR wood from Ash tree!
Ard? Our Dee!
Naaman? A man neighs! If cold and named Jim then it is Jim neigh brr's! (Jim Nabors!)
Gershon? Grr. Shawn, Sean is angry!
Merari? Me, I'm rare! 2) Me, my eye is rare! (Me-rare-i!)
Moses? Mow in S shape!
Miriam? I, me with a mirror in A.M.!
Dophkah? Dove caws!
Kehelathah? Jesus thaws key of Hell! 2) Hah, Jesus controls key of Hell!
Eziongaber? Take it easy on a gabber!
Kadesh? A caddy says, shh! esp. while someone golfing!
Dibon? Have dibs on someone/something!
Aroer? A farmer planting rows! 2) One who hunts Roe's! 3) One who eats, cooks, etc roe's! 4) One who rows!
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