I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible Names P6

Ophel? Letter O fell! Did it get hurt? O no! or is that oh no!
Gerizim? I'm Jerry's OR Geri's!
Girgashites? Grr! Angry about height of gas prices!
Beeroth? Bee was wroth! Angry bee and not an angry Bird!
Beeroth? If angry bee is with an angry bird, then birds and bees angry!
Eglon? Egg a lawn and not toilet paper it!
Eglon? Egg a lawn! maybe at Easter when hide eggs!
Eglon? Use eggs as your lawn, not seed, sod, grass!
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Asnapper? A turtle! Snapper! 2) One who snaps! 3) As a napper! you get any rest OR sleep?
Apharsites? Sites that are afar! 2) Sites that help you see afar!
Meremoth? A merry Moth!
Baana? How a baby says banana!
Artaxerexes? Our taxer X's, stops taxing us!
Imri? MRI of an eye!
Besodeiah? Ah, the kiss of death! (Beso!)
Mizpa? No! Pa is not a miz, female!
Jadon? Jay is Lord, Adon! 2) While flying, Jay has an add-on! 3) Jay talking on, about A.D.!
Hanun? Out of hay! 2) Has no hay! 3) None say hay OR hey!
Rehum? When done humming, hum again!
Henadad? No! A hen is a mom, not a dad!
Hashabia? Buy hash!
Ezer? One who eases!
Zabbai? I, Abba Father zzz, sleep!
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Amalek? I am Alek. If smart to admit this, then you're smart Alek!
Agag? A gag! 2) Make a gag with letter A OR an A grade! 3) Gag gets an A grade!
Ahasuerus? 2) Ahas is a god! Eros!
Mehuman? Me human! Not a god, animal, etc! 2) Me hummin' not singin'! 3) May u man? Do what?
Haman? Hay man is God's! Straw man is a wizards!
Abihail? Ab I hail, worship!
Hachaliah? Lie about a hatch, hach, something being hatched, etc!
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Uri? Your eye! 2) Rye tastes like ewe, lamb! 3) Rye a lamb eats!
Baaltamar? Baltimore in Bible! If for the birds then could be the Ravens!
Abiezrites? Easy for Abbey to write, do a rite OR do what's right! 2) Abbey is easy to write!
Jerubbaal? Gee, rub baal! 2) Gee, baal at a rub in lawn bowling!
Jogbehah? Hah, a bee jogs!
Pirathonite? Pirate hoes at night! 2) Pirate hits a knight with a hoe! 3) Pirate says Ho! at night OR to a knight!
Balaam? A lamb says baa! 2) A lamb that is at bay! 3) A lamb in, at a bay!
Jude? Judy! 2) A Jew named Dee! 3) Jew that got a D grade!

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