I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible Names p2

Amam? I "Am" that I "Am!"
Jesaiah? Jay says ah! Is he at the doctor?
Misham? My sham! Wow! 2) A female Ham! 3) Ms. Ham OR Mrs. Ham OR Miss Ham!
Uthai? A ewe's thigh! Do you eat it like a chicken thigh?
Jeuel? Jewel!
Hodaviah? Hoe during the day via rototiller, hoe, etc!
Bakbakkar? A car backing up! 2) Tell someone backing up in a car to come back more twice!
Bakbakkar? The trunk OR bumper of the car! Its in the back of the back of a car!
Ahiman? A tall, high man! 2) A man says hi! 3) A man is up high!
Dagon? Nighttime! Day is gone! 2) Tomorrow! Day is gone!
Heled? Until he lost, he led! 2) Not a Super man if he is made of Lead!
Berothite? Why bees fly low? 'Cause bees rot at height!
Joshaphat? Joe's hap hat! Don't lose it OR its a miss-fortune!
Mithnite? No! Night is not a myth! 2) No! A knight is not a myth! 3) A knight telling a myth! 4) Tell a myth at night OR about a knight!
Jasiel? Jay is in the Navy Seals! 2) Seal named Jay! 3) Jay's seal! 4) Jay seals something! 5) Jay acts like a seal!
Jashobeam? Jay's hoe made with a beam! 2) Ho, Jay's beam!
Berechia? A Chia pet of berries! 2) Bury a Chia pet! Did it die?
Halak? Lack hay! then buy, borrow OR grow some! 2) Time to make hay!
Geshurites? Guess you're right! 2) "Guess" your rights, don't "Know" them!
Jephunneh? Jay had fun, nay...more than that!
Maalehacrabbim? I'm a male crab! 2) I'm mailing a crab!
Kabzeel? Puts eel in a cab! 2) Zeal for a cab! 3) Zeal in a cab!
Bunah? Nothing scary! No ghosts! No Boo's! 2) Say ah about a bun!
Eker? One who eeks!
Abihail? An ab I hail!
Seled? Moses! He led Israel thru the Red Sea!
Zered? Read in your sleep, zzz! 2) Read letter Z!
Arorer? Our person that owes! Our ower! 2) One who Rore's! 3) A lion, OR one who roars!

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