I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible P3

All for and for all mentioned in Bible! All for One and One for all! (2 Chronicles 35:20)
The days may be prolonged? God is the only pro that can make a day long!
The days may be prolonged? No! A pro can't make a day long!
Bear false witness? Yes! A bear is a false witness! can't believe Nor understand what a bear says!
He added no more? Did God stop doing math OR just stop adding?
A god is a drum? It will be a snare unto thee!
Anger of the Lord be kindled against you? Lord's anger against you on a tablet! Kindle Fire!
Thou shalt swear by his name? No! don't swear, cuss, nor use God's name in vain!
Write them on the posts of thy house? Write "Them" on Cereal boxes in thy house! (Post!)
Shewbread? Money used to pay for shoes!
Psalteries? Trees salt grows on!
Psalteries? Trees owned OR used by Lot's wife Salt!
Red Rover in Bible? Yes I read "Rovers" in the Bible!
Double heart? Be twice as loving!
"Instruments" of war for the battle, of the bands!

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