I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible P5

Don't make Molech popcorn on the fire? Don't let thy 'Seed' pass thru fire to Molech!
Give kine, cattle to a man? Man-Kined!
Give kine, cattle to a woman? Woman-Kined!
Why not Biblical to use a sea-saw Nor elevator, stairs? Thou shalt not go up and down!
Cutting corners not Biblical? Ye shall not round the corners!
They shall not make baldness? So they can't use tires, using them causes baldness!
Regardeth the day? Get a night light! Re-guard the day!
How know the Lord grows? The child Sampson grew "Before" the Lord! 
Wayside? Sighed as you weighed yourself!
Open fields? Must have been an earthquake to open the fields! 
Wholly? Who is Ellie?
Hold your peace? What church wants you to hold your "Peace" and not express brotherly love and unity?
Don't sin playing baseball, softball? Your sin will find you "Out!"
Reigned in his stead? You take the reigns for Santa!
The Lords lot fell? NO! The Lords Lot lived, but Lot's wife fell, became Salt!

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Why Gogh cut ear off? So not listen to Pharaoh! Pharaoh said, Gogh, up! (Gogh up!)
A.D.H.D.? His Disciples After Death OR After Death, His Disciples!
Rock music and chocolate in the Bible? Joseph kissed him!
Tell "It" to Jesus? Tag Jesus!
Man of great stature had 6 fingers on each hand, so if he bakes, he has a bakers dozen!
Jacob, Israel wanted to be a caveman after he died! Bury me with my fathers in the cave!
Reincarnation is in the Bible? Jacob, Israel will be a cave man after dies! Bury me with fathers in the cave!
Jacob, Israel made Joseph say bad words? Joseph said, my father made me swear!
Holpen? No wonder a pen won't write! It has a hole in it! Did the ink leak out OR dry up?
South quarter? Bottom, south of a quarter! Tails!
Heard of green acres? Where grow green ears of corn to offer to the Lord!
Firstfruits? The first fruits were in the Garden of Eden!
Bullock's head? A bull locks heads with a matador, bull fighter!
A mistake in the Bible? The stake Jael used to kill Sisera! Miss, Mrs. OR Ms. Stake!

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Uz? Ooze! What a place to live!
Rephidim? Ref is dim! Not very bright!
Pitched in Rephidim? Played ball in, with a ref that was dim! Not very bright!
Hammoleketh? Molly Keth is a ham, OR give her a ham!
Sherah? See! She Rah is NOT a cartoon character but Biblical person! Was she a princess?
Elizure? Your Ellie! 2) Ellie's yours!
Shelumiel? She made, served Lou a meal!
Zuar? You are zzz, sleeping! 2) Our zoo! 3) Zoo our animals! animals must be wild OR act wild to do that!
Gideoni? Gideon's eye! 2) I am Gideon!
Devel? Sorry! If Devel tells you to do something, you can't say the Devel made me do it and get away with it!
Rehoboam? Be a hobo again in the A.M.!
Hadoram? Make a door of hay in the A.M.! 2) Say hey to, about a door in the A.M.!
Shoco? Someone, something shocks you and makes you say oh!
Jerimoth? I jeer a moth! 2) A moth named Jerry OR Geri!
Shishak? Shaq is shy! 2) No! Shaq is a male, not a She Shaq!
Hatita? Ta Haiti!
Michmas? I know Christmas but not Michmas NOR Mitchmas!

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