I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible P6

A bank and putting money in it in Bible? How should one "Chase" a thousand?
The Lord first parent, father put child in the corner? I'll scatter them into corners!
The brim of a cup? A cup of coffee! (Brim!)
There was nothing in the ark save the 2 tables? Cause all people, animals left the ark!
The Levites which were the singers, were the sewing machines!
Psalteries? Why salt a tree? you gonna eat it?
Before the dragon well, it had to be sick first!
If you want to learn "Numbers" and even letters, read the Bible!
If you want to teach "Numbers" and even letters, teach the Bible!
Matrix? Cereal you eat in May! (May Trix!) 2) You may eat cereal! (Trix!)
Book of the records? A record Album!
Make up this wall? Put makeup on this wall!
House of the rolls? Where the "Dough Boy" lives!
2 sewing machines? Both the Singers!
On the new moons? Man walked on new, other moons! from other planets?
There abode we in tents 3 days? Why we abide intense 3 days?
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