I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible P7

What portion of God is there from above? The letter O!
How get Jack Frost? From God! The breath of God giveth frost!
The foot may crush them? What can a ruler crush? Maybe crush a yardstick by leaving it!
Appeased? App made easier to use!
Palace garden? Grow, not build a palace!
Horseback? When a horse returns, is back!
Joseph, Mary and Jesus are not unstable souls! These 3 in stable when Jesus born!
This second epistle? A short epistle! it only lasts for a second! at least not Speechless!
Promise? Pro mice! 2) Mickey and Minnie are Pro mice!
A heavenly funeral? When the Heavens shall pass away!
Blame a planet of Apes on Tarshish? Their ships hauled, shipped apes!
Solomon had E.S.P.? He told Queen of Sheba all her questions! She didn't have to tell him what they were!
Cupbearers? Parents of a cup!
Solomon liked a store called Target? he made 200 targets! So store Target is Biblical!
Your little ones, are not Capital ONES!
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