I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible p2

Countenance? Someone is count'in ' ants! maybe an ant farm!
David was a pawpaw? He had the paw of lion and paw of bear! Thus paw-paw!
Playing with food is Biblical? Yes! David told Tamar to "Dress" meat for her brother!
Barefoot? A ruler without measurements, numbers on it!
And the king was much moved? To avoid checkmate!
The sun is made of dough? Yes! The sun is rising!
Rising against God? No! The sun does NOT rise against God! but it rises for Him though! Sun rising!
Why break bars of "Soap?" So you can pass through the Coast!
King Saul was the first "Inquiring" minds that want to know! He said to Enquire whose son David was!
Hidden Man? Man hiding playing a game! anyone seeking him?
The same mind? Siamese twins!
Old time? Father Time! He is old! 2) No! The watch, clock, etc may be old but time is not old, its right ON time!
Ye suffer for well doing? Ye suffer drinking well water OR using a well!
Manifold? Ma and I fold! Maybe doing laundry!
If any man speak? He barks OR is acting like a dog! Does he sit and roll over also?
Manifold? Man if old! A boy if young!
Why name a helicopter, airplane, rocket, etc Michael? For Michael landin'! (Landon!)
Why watch an airplane, rocket, helicopter, etc named Michael? To see Michael landin'! (Landon!)
All the cities of the plain? Are they on a Fantasy Island? The Plane!
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Earnest expectations? Earnest expects to go to camp but not to jail! (Earnest goes to camp and jail!)
Is the Armour of God a Hotdog? Armour Hotdogs!
The Armour of God? God's hotdog! Armour Hotdogs!
Stand Fast? Stand up while fasting! No sitting on the job!
They that sleep sleep? Must be nighty night!
What helmet can save you? Helmet of salvation!
God teaches us to play tennis bad? He says Love one another!
The ark was the first "Love" boat!
Love boat? No, Noah and his family hated being on the ark with all those animals! It stunk!
Support the weak? I'd rather support the weekend! OR even the end of being weak!
Nevertheless? Never use word "The" less!
The devil is a father? Yes, of a musical instrument lyre! A lyre, the father of it!
Wherefore? Around good golfers you have to ask where Fore!
No longer forbear? When a bear becomes a problem, you're no longer "For" bear!
Waxing? Sing while getting whacks, spanked!
Notwithstanding? Standing with shoes tied in a knot!
Pretense? Just a campsite before put up tents!
Without ceasing? Can't sing about a sea! But can sing about a boat and rowing it down a stream gently!
Without ceasing? Can't sing alphabet song without the C!

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