I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Bible p4

God gives me, you, us the creeps? Yes! He created Creeping things!
Salt Sea? Sea where Lot's wife Salt swims, goes to, etc!
A lot of soap? All the Coasts thereof!
The sun is dough bread? It must be if it is sun-rising!
War and Peace in the Bible? The Blood of war in peace! (1st Kings)
People that cannot be numbered? No! phone service! 2) No phones! can't be numbered!
Iron for the nails? Iron used to get bends out of nails! make them flat and straight!
David "Charged" Solomon to build Gods' House? I thought Solomon built it for free! So, Solomon paid to build it?
Upward? Awake! is a word meaning you're up!
The plains of Moab, but did Moab like the peanut candy also?
The plains of Moab shows he was not "Nuts" about candy!
Why give roebucks to seers as your guests? For Sears, Roebuck and "Company!"
Nethermost? In tennis, volleyball, etc! Her balls, serves are in the net the most!
Psalteries? Trees that grow salt!
The tent that David pitched? What was wrong with the tent that made him throw it away?
Why David pitch a tent? To try to make it easier to get a "Home" run!
Thou Art God? Thou, you have art OR Art as your god! 2) Art OR someone named Art is your god!

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