I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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(All you need is a dollar bill.......and maybe a one-hundred dollar bill!)
Someone once pointed at a tree and showed me a buck rub! I asked, "Is this a tree they'll use to make paper for a dollar bill?
Rub a dollar bill and say, "Look, a "Buck" rub!
Pour some water on a dollar and say, "Look, a "Buck-et!"
If you go hunting and only get a doe, you can "Buck-it" with a dollar!

The U.S. Treasury does not sell "Buck-Kits!"
You cannot make your own dollar with a "Buck-Kit!"
Give a dollar to a hunter and say, "Here is your quota, a 'Buck' and a 'Doe,' now you don't have to go hunting!"
Someone can borrow a dollar and make us famous, "Buck-Owens!"
Put a dollar on your ear and you have "Buck-N-Ear!"
You will be loved in Tampa Bay with your "Buck-N-Ear!"
Cool yourself by moving around; and be a "Buck-N-Ear" fan!
Look, my dollar is from Ohio! It is a "Buck-Eye!" Or, It is the "Buck-EyeS!"
Just fan yourself with a dollar and be a "Buck-Eye" fan!
Why am I not a "Buck-Eye" fan? I'm a hundred dollar bill or a
"Franklin-Eye" fan! I get 99 more dollars to spend!
LOOK, my dollar is a basketball player as I lay it down! It is a "Lay-De-Buck-Eye!"
LOOK, when I lay down two or more of my dollar bills I have a whole basketball team, "Lay-De-Buck-Eye(s)!"
Look, when I fan myself with, and then lay my dollar down, I am a "Lay-De-Buck-Eye" Fan!
I fold my dollar in a circle and ask, "Who does this remind you of "Buck-O?"

I fold my dollar in a circle and say, "Oh-Deer!" It's probably a doe since it's not a "Buck-O!"
Do you think these dollar jokes are "Nonsense?" You are right, because they are paper, thus "Non-Cents!"
Are my dollar jokes are as dull as me? Not so, Dollar is something that is dull compared to something else!
Dollar, Why? Doesn't she have a doll already?
Copyright 1996, 2007 Bryan Schooley, All Rights Reserved!

Roll a Dollar in a circle or an O-shape! Now you are/have "Buck-O'ins!"
.....Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley......

"Operation" Buckeye!
Have a dollar bill or a buckeye and say, "Quick/hurry, someone get me a doctor! This dollar bill (OR) this buckeye needs SURGERY and fast!" Thus, "Operation" Buckeye!
(It could also be surgery for a "Buckeye/Buckeye Fan/Buckeye player!")

.......Copyright 2010 Bryan Schooley....

Why did all football players not tackle a player from an Ohio State team? Told to "Pass" the Buck!
Why all football players, esp. quarterbacks throw players from an Ohio State team? To "Pass" the Buck!

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