I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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By the Power of Grey Skull? By the power and wisdom of those who's skull has grey hair, things get done OR done right!
America? A merry caw! 1) Not Angry Birds! 2) Happy birds!
Internet Crash? Thought I heard the Skype is falling, the Skype is falling! Crash!
Get your ears lowered? 1) No, I'm a farmer but its not harvest time! 2) No! I don't have corn nor cornfield!
Why do "BALD" people hate the "Big-BANG-Theory?"
Why doesn't some "Cereal" get Soggy? Life-Alert!
Why doesn't some "Cereal" get Eaten? Life-Alert!
Trash Talk and Politics! "Waste-Management!"
Rye and Sea flavored toothpaste! Rye-N-Sea-Crest!
Ryan see's toothpaste! Ryan See-Crest!
Have you ever seen the inside of a pen? Yes, It's a Pencil/Pen-Soul!
Have you ever seen the inside of a pen? Yes, but it's not a Pencil/Pen-Soul!
Ever seen the inside of a pen? No! It went "#2" or it got the "Lead Out!" (Pencil/Pen-Soul!)
Put an O-Shaped Pen in a "Case" for an Open and Closed Case! (O-Pen And Closed Case!)
Road WORK ahead? Great! If the road doesn't Work, we can't Drive!
I don't need "LIFE Insurance!" My "Cereal" won't get soggy nor go bad!
I don't get "OUT" much, I'm too great a "Ball" player!
Why is it Pitchers mound instead of Pitcher Mound?
A pitcher's candy/food? Pitcher's Mound!
SECOND base? If you get to the base in a "Second" it is "First" base and Second!
Those who clean seats! Bleach-ers! Bleach'rs!
Why are you Looking thru Paper Towel and Toilet Paper tubes/rolls? I'm Rolling My Eyes!

Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley
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