I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Where are you from? 1) My mom and dad!
Where are you from? 1) Ewe are from their mom and dad!
Copyright 2008 Bryan Schooley

Change a light bulb? 1) Why, it can't spend the change! 2) It must be a "Piggy-Bank" shaped like a light bulb. 3) What will you "Change" it into, the sun or moon? ("Light" bulb!) At least you'd still have "Light!"

Light Bulb. 1) Bulbs are planted underground so they don't need "Light" to grow! 2) Bulbs shaped like lights! 3) Why would you want to "Light" a bulb, do you have a "Burning" desire to "Fire" it?

Copyright 8/30/07

Q) Why are you talking to every "Officer" you see? A) "Social" security "Check!"
Open? You can't write with an "O" pen! There is no where for the ink to come out!
Open? Sudents love "O" pens! They have the "Write" to remain "Silent!"
Q) Want to see what the "Inside" of a pen looks like? A) Just look at a "Pencil!" (Pen-soul!)
Please put some "Coal" in with my ice for "Ice Cold!" (Ice-Coaled!)
Q) No "Current" positions? A1) You don't want electric? A2) You don't want "Running" or "Flowing" water? A3) You have enough "Running" water! A4) You have enough "Electric" power!
Copyright 2008 Bryan Schooley

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