I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Clean P5

While a plane "Taxi's," is it a "Crew-CAB?"
Why does "Bill-Gates" have so much money? "Toll-Booths!"
Put a "Receipt" on your forehead for a "Receipting-Hairline!"
You are a "Mind-Reader" if you hear jokes "IN-Person!"
I NEVER "Check" with my doctor, I pay him in "Cash!"
What do you get from a "Pampered" cow? "A Dirty-Diaper!"
When I cut or prune, I drink "Prune" Juice or wear "Pantyhose" for "Shear" energy!
Good-Year-Tires? No, my "Tires" gave me a "Few-Good-Years!"
A storm moved in at a golf course. One golfer said, "Look! Cloud-Nine!"
.........Copyright 2011 Bryan Lee Schooley....

I don't like listening to "Bach," but you can listen to "Chickens" all you want! (Bock, bock, bock!)
The "SKY" is the "LIMIT?" So I have to get in a "Rocket" instead of an "Airplane or Helicopter" to be "Out of this World!"
One stewardess served me a bag of carrots. I told her, "Carrot-Top" is not "Orange," the top of a carrot is "Green!"
My stewardess served me some "Mayo!" That makes her a "Flying-Saucer!"
Sign a Waiver? a) Show them a "No Wake" sign and they won't be a "Waver" anymore!" b) Wave hi to someone making waves!
A Postal worker named Dave said, "Look, I'm David "Letter-man!"
....Copyright 2010 Bryan Lee Schooley....

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