I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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How he cut his hair? Columbus Clippers!
He is a Baseball Player! Columbus CLIPPER!

Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley

He offers Christ or someone offers him Christ! Christopher Columbus! (Christ-Offer Columbus!)
He Cries for Food/Frozen Food/ The BEST Food to eat! Christopher Columbus! (Cry-Stouffer-Columbus!)
His car! Columbus Explorer!
Bills, "Magazines" or anything he Gets every month! Columbus Monthly!
Anything he Does every month! Columbus Monthly!
Someone see's him or he see's someone every month! Columbus Monthly!
He's around Tall people, gets "Mad" or doesn't stay long "In" the North! Columbus Short North!
His Short-Cut "To" the "North or he just uses "N" to represent the North!" Columbus-Short-North!
He gets Mad and then Cools off! Columbus Heating and Cooling!
The state he lives in, is in or is Visiting! Columbus State!
He says or "States" something! Columbus State!
He has or is in a symphony or a symphony about Him! Columbus Symphony!
His TV! Columbus TV!
He is at, in or owns a theater or theatre! Columbus Theater or Columbus Theatre!
He gets or sends a telegram or a telegram about him! Columbus Telegram!
He Visits or Lives in a suburb. Columbus Suburb or Columbus Suburbs!
He learns to be or is a policeman at an academy! Columbus Police Academy!
The department he is in as a policeman or he hires police for his department! Columbus Police Department!
He is In Ohio or In or On the Ohio River! Columbus-Ohio!

Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley

He uses a credit card all across the country! Columbus "Discovers" America!
He gave out credit cards all across the country! Columbus "Discovers" America! 
How did Columbus discover America? A "Discovery-Channel!"
He made fun of a patch! Columbus "Dis-patch!"
His hairstyle? Columbus Crew!
He was a supervisor. Columbus Crew!
His name is common. Columbus Commons!
He gets dispatched or dispatches someone or something! Columbus Dispatch!
His radio or He is on the radio. Columbus Radio!
He is inside or at an Inn or hotel. Columbus Inn!
He carpeted his showcase or he has a showcase of carpet. Columbus Carpet Showcase!
He gets a car or see's an eclipse! Columbus Eclipse!
His computer buttons, where he lives, uses a "Homing" device or homes he owns! Columbus Homes!
He is "It" while playing games or you show him something! Columbus It!
How he got back home on the ocean after discovering America. Columbus-East-On! (Columbus Easton!)
Where he lived. Columbus Apartments.
He shows off his car or vehicle! Columbus Auto Show!
How he gets rid of his car or vehicle. Columbus Auto Auction!
How he keeps his strength or it from being stolen. Columbus Athletic "Club!"
What he is attracted to or what attracts you to him. Columbus Attractions.
Where he keeps his fish. Columbus Aquarium!
He gets his work done first! Columbus Business First!
His fuel. Columbus Diesel!
Him during the day or not at night. Columbus Day!
Information about him. Columbus Data!
He goes to a community college! Columbus Community College!
They had a convention about him. Columbus Convention "Center!"
He was in the middle of a convention. Columbus Convention Center!
He went to a convention about a center/football player! Columbus Convention Center! 

Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley

He has the FIRST "Electric" car/vehicle! Columbus Auto Electric!
His jacket(s) is/are Blue or In the Wind! Columbus Blue Jacket(s)!
He takes Art or some art to a festival or he goes to Art's festival! Columbus Arts Festival!
He is Fair when he "Grounds" someone or he "Grounds" someone while at a fair! Columbus Fair-Grounds!
His "Coffee-Grounds" at a fair OR his coffee is grounded fairly! Columbus Fair-Grounds!
He is at the zoo or he owns a zoo! Columbus Zoo!
His CEREAL! Also a post about him, he posts something or his post/beam! Columbus Post!
He has Nerves of Steel! Columbus Steel!
He NEVER wins or hits any pins bowling! Columbus Square Bowling!
He built a palace to bowl in or made of bowls! Columbus "Bowl-Ing" Palace!
His pal is an "Ace" at bowling or using bowls! Columbus "Bowl-Ing" Pal-Ace! (Palace!)
He gives his bride a magazine or looks for a bride in a magazine! Columbus Bride Magazine!
He serves his supply of Ice, or his supply of tennis balls, rackets or anything of "Service!" Columbus Service Supply!
He shows or gives his company something on a computer. Columbus "Window" Company!
He lets his company sit by a window! Columbus Window Company!
Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley
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