I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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The first time I saw you I couldn't believe my eyes,
I thought you were an angel in disguise,
The more time we spend together, I know it's not true,
For not even an angel is as amazing as YOU!
I enjoy every moment we spend together, hope we can be together forever,
For a treasure as precious as you, Is definitely worth holding on to!
Whatever it takes, no price too high,
You are worth any amount of money or time,
Yes, with you the more time I spent,
I knew for sure you were heaven sent.
copyright 1994 bryan lee schooley
I went on a treasure hunt the other day, did find nothing to my dismay,
Then one day I met YOU, it was my best dream come true,
I finally found a most precious gem, a priceless, amazing treasure,
Worth so much, no one could measure,
You're so beautiful containing so much worth,
Wow, we were blessed with your birth!
copyright 2000 bryan lee schooley

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