I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Smile, you deserve it!
If you ever feel lonely or down,
Just look in the mirror and you'll lose your frown,
A smile should instantly come to your face,
For you bring smiles to everyone everyplace,
We could never see anyone as special as you,
Blessed looking at a dream come true,
The privilege of looking at the best!
copyright 1994-1995 bryan lee schooley

As I watch the sunset, when I watch it rise,
I think of your gorgeous face and beautiful eyes,
Love to see you smile, makes you look complete,
Then to hear your sweet, soft voice is a precious treat,
makes me happy seeing so much beauty wrapped up in one,
More amazing than the rising and setting of the sun!
To feel your tender touch is a sensation I can't explain,
With such a privilege all my energy is drained,
Then I wake up from this dream come true,
So happy I get to spend time with YOU!
copyright 2000 bryan lee schooley

It's a good thing Miss America is not here tonight,
She would know something's not right,
Then walk over to you with a frown,
And at YOUR feet her crown lay down,
Since you're not only gorgeous, but so sweet,
She'd know in an instant she was beat,
Since there is no one in the world that compares to you,
Anyone would agree this is true!
Copyright 1994-1995 bryan lee schooley

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