I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Poems P3

I woke up today and was excited! I thought YOU were here! It was so bright, radiant and refreshing outside! BUT, then I noticed it was only nature doing its best to TRY to imitate YOU!
Copyright 2001 Bryan Lee Schooley


A flower a day keeps loneliness away, knowing you're thought of and cared for in a special way. The long stem represents the distance any man would gladly travel, the thorns show you're worth any pain or obstacle I'd go through to see YOU the beautiful ROSE!
Copyright 1994-1995 Bryan Schooley

Your friendship, fellowship and being in your presence is priceless!
You took my breath, and left me breathless! It was worth it to experience "Heaven" scent!
I want to hold your hand or at least shake it, so I can say I was "Touched" by an "Angel!"
I'll give you a mirror so you can always see a "Perfect" picture!
I'll give you a mirror so you can always smile seeing so much beauty and wonder!
During a holiday at the end of the year, do you get tired of sitting on top of all those trees? You get a little break when someone buys an "Artificial" angel, but not me, 2nd best will never do!
So, when do you go home? How much did they pay you (all the wealth in the world?) to leave Heaven and visit Earth?
Why am I always having fun? Get rid of the "F and N" and I have YOU!
Which do you like best? 1)Sitting on your pedestal? 2)flying around with your Angelic wings for fun, excitement or exercise? 3) Being the most beautiful woman (and most perfect!) to ever exist?
If I die in your arms tonight then I truly "Died" and went to "Heaven!"
Do you like riding in your armored car?
Every time I see an armored truck I look for you, a most precious gem!
Copyright 2003 Bryan Schooley


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