I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Sign Jokes

"No Engine Break" sign!: No Engine Brake! 1) No engines are allowed to break down there! 2) Why can't an engine "Break," no police, mechanics or tow trucks to help? 3) They want to keep traffic moving at all times! 4) If you want to give your engine a "Break," do it at a "Rest Stop!" 5) Wow, they "Finally" figured out that "Engines" don't have "Brakes!" 6) That would be "Heaven!" An "Engine" that doesn't "Break!" 7) It's not too hard to "Know" when your engine breaks! 8) You can't "Know" an engine "Brake!" An "Engine" doesn't have a brake to get to know! 9) No engine "Break" because your engine needs to do its job! 10) Your engine wasn't created to "Break" or take "Breaks!"
......Unpublished C Copyright 2008 Bryan Schooley....

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