I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Superstar Rap

>Run DMC ran away, New Kids on DA block couldn't come out to play, Ice Ice baby he melted away,
Heard my rap and know I'M here to stay!
> Mc Hammer put da mike down, heard my rap and walked away with a frown!
> Humpty hump had a great fall, he knows I'm da best rapper of em ALL!
> LL Cool J couldn't stand da heat, blazin from my funky beat!
> What happened to 2-POC is a shame, One things for sure, I'LL Always have game!
> Puff Daddy knew it wasn't his Smokin, but My FIRE leavin him chokin!
> "I-CON" is continually schemin, to be Like ME, THE ONE of whom All Fans are Dreamin!
> Sky Balla can't stop cryin of the update of Stat-Quo; It's Eazy-E just ask Jay-Z, I'M the way to go!
> The Earth's Sure a 'Little' Jon's Ludicris, unless you're a Little Bow Wow or LiL Kim; To be as BIG a Wonder as ME you're/their chance is always slim!
> Eminem is Sweet and Dandy, but I'M Great without bein named after "Candy!"
> You're only worth Fifty Cent? I'M worth More than Millions & in "Da Club" I'LL Always be Thrillin!
> After Snoop Dogg snooped around, He confirmed I'M Da best rapper around!
> You can try to Color Me Bad, but I'LL Always look Good; DR. Dre prescribes ME all over Da Hood!
> Fat boys quit rappin and started eatin; since my raps are Always Treatin!
> Won't hear no Yuk-Mouth when I Busta-Rhyme; Lets B-Real, you'll sip Ice-T and wanna Hear ME All the Time!
> So, everyone knows Ja-Rule, I AM THE BEST, Old or New School!
> copyright 2003-2005 Bryan Schooley All Rights Reserved!
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